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About Dune Candles

Find out how Dune Candles got started, and why we're so passionate about handcrafted items

Dune Candles Abu Dhabi

At Dune Candles, our 100% handcrafted concept was born from a love of luxurious candles, handmade independent wares, and a conscious recognition of the need for candles that are exceptional and iconic.  We combine the art and science of candle making to produce high quality handcarved candles that double as unique decor for your home.


We're inspired by handcrafted and unique art gifts for all occasions and to bring beauty to interior decor.  When you choose us, you are choosing something very special; something not factory-made, but which an artisan has invested a piece of themselves in making.

Faten Malakieh Artisan candlemaker

About  our Founder

Artist Faten Malakieh always loved the relaxing ambiance that candles create in a home, bringing light, calm, and balance.  After becoming fascinated with candle carving whilst watching an online video, she travelled 3 continents learning the candle carving techniques of master craftsmen, before finally bringing them back to Abu Dhabi.  The positivity and support of her friends and family at her growing skills and talent encouraged her to set up a business, where she could share her beautiful creations with a wider audience, and hopefully help even more people fall in love with the concept of handcrafted items.

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